how it works:

by "Guido Fallendownagain"
this is what your message will look like on TokBox


an invitation and a warning:

This message is for students to show their parents before they start using Tokbox. It invites students to join, but only after they´ve been given permission to do so by their parents. It warns students at the same time that Tokbox contains a live video chat facility that can be accessed by anyone on the internet and therefore not to make friends with anyone they don´t know.

TokBox - Free Video Chat and Video Messaging

example task:

TokBox - Free Video Chat and Video Messaging

other ways to use this tool:

student work:

We have chosen not to publish any student work for TokBox. Even embedded messages are clickable and supply non-registerd guests with the opportunity to send messages.

more info and useful links:
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similar tools and alternatives:

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