how it works:

Russel Stannard teacher training video

example task:

other ways to use this tool:

  • oral presentations: students upload pictures and comments in bubbles but prepare their presentation to be delivered orally in class
  • getting to know each other: students upload their own pictures by choosing only pictures from their own flickr account (search through "username", not only "tag") and comment on them in bubbles or orally.
  • my favourite things: students upload their own pictures and comment on them in bubbles or orally.
  • tell or write a story: teacher prepares picture prompt for students to tell or write a story.

student work:

one of the disadvantages of Bubblr: once a picture is removed from a flickr account by its original user, it will also disappear from your strip

"My Life" by Paloma and Marta

more info and useful links:


once you´re finished you can send the strip via email and/or embed into a blog, a wiki or a virtual learning environment (e.g. moodle)

students can correct their work by editing their strips, teachers can also edit once they get the link or look through the Bubblr archive for their students´work.

similar tools and alternatives: